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Be FREE from emotional instability. Rid depression, anxiety, headaches, and past trauma!


PTSD Master Elite Coach specializing in Mental Wellness

Does it seem like most of the people that are kind, loving, selfless, genuine and peaceful suffer emotionally?

Do you think that you've accepted this to always be this way?

What are the keys to getting unstuck and finding freedom in your life?

.Approximately 1 in 6 people are battling some form of mental instability and suffering silently from adolescent years in childhood and carrying it into adulthood, becoming unconsciously prone to depression, migraines, anxiety, energy draining, loss of sleep, self sabotage and coping addictions!

PTSD is vastly underrated amongst women and especially men. When these feelings don't go away they only get worse, and disrupt your life, making it hard to continue your daily activities.

I enjoy providing my clients and veterans who suffer from post traumatic stress symptoms and emotional instability the necessary guidance towards mental health recovery and limiting beliefs that deter them from having success.

 Each client inevitably gains the ability to overcome  past traumas, self doubt, social anxiety, and pain so that it no longer affects everyday life!

It's so easy to say "YES". But so much harder to take conscious steps towards your progress because of self sabotage! Things will only get better as you  move forward and learn to put more value on yourself and stop feeding your fears!

Do you resonate with the following 10 statements?
  • Ready and willing to stop suffering
  • Feel lost like you don't know who you are anymore
  • Tired of being tired of life
  • Are prone to depression, anxiety, migraines and energy loss
  • Blocked pain, trauma and abuse
  • Done being everyone's doormat
  • Struggled with years of prescription meds and coping addictions
  • Unexplained illness with no root cause
  • Affected by outside negative energy (social media, t.v, life)
  • Ready to elevate to a higher level

If you can agree to at least 6 out of 10 , then you've know for quite some time that you needed to change your life and that only you have been standing in your own way which is rather normal.

If you're ready to begin the process towards a brighter future, stop making useless excuses because tomorrow isn't promised. Now is the only time you have the power to fix, not yesterday, nor the future.

Can you promise yourself that you will not give up on YOU! Tell yourself, " Today is the the day that I consciously choose to put me first for the betterment of my growth and progress to heal within and release the weight of the heavy burdens that have corruted my mind, body and soul and prevented me from being my BEST self."

If you want to heal your past as well as find your truth, Coach Stephanie will deliver those results with her exceptional expertise! She's known for singlehandedly, selflessly dedicating her heart and soul to helping and healing people across the Seven Continents via her social media platform that currently exceeds over 100,000 members. 

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I helped tons of moms and Veterans  struggling with years of depression who grew up misunderstood and alone and living in constant solitude as a safety net. Spending much of adulthood battling with coping addictions just to put a band aid over the real issue, while it resurfaced every single day in their daily thoughts. Weekly sessions sufficed healing as they experienced an inner transformation within, one by one from the inside out, increasing Mental Wellness and kicking the addictions in a matter a few short months." -Coach Stephanie

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Coaching Testimonials

“ I just want to Thank you for being such an amazing force for “Greatness” in my life. Since, I started coaching with you last year, I have had many awesome breakthroughs in my life, both professionally and personally. I owe my successful transformation to you Stephanie!"  Mary Hills-29yrs old, Phoenix, AZ

" I love how you push me beyond my own comfort zones. You are very results oriented yet very flexible in your approach. I love how you always listen and then give me coaching based on my model of the world and it works perfectly.  My mental health is impeccable and hasn't been this good in over 20 years when doctors tried to put me on meds."  Steven Hobbs-34 yrs old, White Plains, N.Y.

" She was committed to my personal well being, growth and development. Never once did she ever allow her personal feelings to come into play. She maintains a high level of integrity.  Coach Stephanie is intelligent, warm and caring. She has an amazing ability to pinpoint the solutions to your problems. Not only do I consider her a fabulous coach but a wonderful friend. As for a coach…she’s at the top of her game.” Roberta Miller-48 yrs old, Atlanta, GA

" Today I can smile knowing that I was lead to be my best self with your step by step process and selfless help.  You helped me discover who I truly am deep down below all the labels and titles. I feel a greater sense of emotional stability, freedom, joy, confidence, self love and inner peace. I finally learned to love and accept myself deeply, even when things aren’t going perfectly according to plan I am content with my results. Emily Williams-39 yrs old, San Francisco, CA

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I appreciate the opportunity that you entrust upon me to be able to offer and share my expertise to bring awareness, acceptance and enlightenment on your journey towards optimal health, and in the process aligning mind, body and soul.

When you consciously learn to align more with your soul self each day, life will automatically be released of negative energy and the self sabotage of negative self talk. Life will flow more naturally and taking action is less of a struggle.

Your days are going to be increased with zest and happiness, and i don't know anyone who would object to that!

Your healing is  solely up to you. It is essentially eternal, divine and completely worthwhile.

Remember, you are on this journey to realize that you are not just merely one drop in the ocean, but the whole ocean in one drop. #WEAREONE